210521 – Friday Safety Advice – Our Safety Vision

Our Safety Vision

Friday Safety Advice - OUR SAFETY VISION


Safety Vision

Safe behaviour is a requirement of working for Pendersons Group Ltd

We ask that you 'Take Five' - Step back and review our commitments to each other and Pendersons Group.

  • We will always comply with our Lifesaving Rules.
  • We will plan work to ensure that it can be done safely.
  • Our work environments will be tidy – and we will leave them tidy when we’ve finished.
  • We will ensure people have the skills and the equipment required to work safely.
  • We will stop work if it cannot be done safely.
  • We will personally intervene if we feel a situation or behaviour might be unsafe.
  • We will use Close Calls to report unsafe behaviours and conditions.
  • We will use our Fair Culture principles to investigate incidents and learn lessons to prevent them occurring again.
  • We will relentlessly strive to find new ways to keep ourselves, colleagues, passengers and the public safe.
  • We will design, construct, inspect, operate and maintain the railway to keep everyone safe.
  • Safety leadership is key to how we assess ourn people’s performance and readiness for progression.

As a reminder, our life saving rules are below

Life Saving Rules
Everyone Home Safe

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