B247 NWR Shared Learning NRL23-01

B247 Network Rail Shared Learning NRL23-01

Accident at Leeds Station

Issued to: All Network Rail line managers and safety professionals
Ref: NRX23-01
Date of issue: 20/02/2023
Location: Leeds Station, North & East Route
Contact: Cliff Moody, North & East Route Health & Safety Manager
Overview/Underlying causes Do you see all the risks in your place of work?

On 30th August 2022, a mobile information stand fell on a child at Leeds Station, sadly they suffered a serious injury.
The information stand wasn’t staffed at the time of the incident.

During investigation we’ve discovered that neither Network Rail nor the owner of the stand (LNER) had a valid risk assessment for the stand to be in or used in the station’s public areas. It was also identified that the general risk posed by other pieces of mobile equipment had not been adequately risk assessed.


Do you routinely check & Inspect your mobile equipment?

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B247 NWR Shared Learning

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