B256 PTS Security Data Breach


TO: All Providers,
Subject: PTS Security Data Breach.

What is changing?

Training Solutions would like to notify you about a security breach involving the PTS Verification Assessment A&B and the PTS Knowledge Assessment A&B 30.4 The integrity of the assessment and competence has been compromised after the answers being found on a delegate’s notepad. Due to this behaviour, Training Solutions and
Technical Authority will be revising the PTS Verification Assessment A&B and moving to Version 30.5.
Reminder - Please be reminded that accessing photographic software and/or electronic communication software on any device, unless mandated, is strictly prohibited during classroom assessments including marking and reviews.
Reminder - If delegates are found to be using such software/devices, they will face
immediate sanctions under Sentinel Scheme Rules, due to the serious safety implications involved.
The new material will be issued on 2 May 2023 any old version of 30.4 should be correctly disposed of.


B256 PTS Security Data Breach

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