B261 Network Rail Safety Bulletin NRB23-06

Escalator malfunction leads to passenger injuries

Issued to: All Network Rail line managers, safety professionals and accredited contractors
Ref: NRB23-06
Date of issue: 30/05/2023
Location: Argyle Street Station, Glasgow, Scotland
Contact: Anthony Dewar Network Technical Head, Russell Sweeting-white Principal Engineer, Dan Molloy Engineering Delivery Director, Alastair McFarlane, Head of Engineering and Asset Management.


On the 17th of May, a KONE escalator model E3X malfunctioned at Argyle Street Station in Glasgow. The escalator failed unexpectedly, causing an uncontrolled reversal of direction. Twelve people were on the escalator at the time and several of them suffered minor injuries.

Immediately following the incident and trying to help, a member of station staff boarded the escalator to aid passengers, however, this caused the escalator to start moving uncontrollably again. This incident is now under investigation.
While the investigation is underway Network Rail Route Services are conducting additional testing of all E3X machines over the next 4 weeks.


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B261 NWR Safety Bulletin NRB23-06

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