B271 Network Rail Safety Bulletin NRB23-08 Tampering Of Automatic Fire Detection System

Issued to: All Network Rail line managers, safety professionals and accredited contractors
Ref: NRB23-08
Date of issue: 18/07/2023
Location: National
Contact: Aaron Neal - Head of S&SD (Telecoms Services)



Whilst carrying out an asbestos survey at a Network Rail managed building, a contractor discovered an automatic fire detector that had been tampered with. This is a breach of fire regulations.
The fire detector was located in the ceiling space of the male toilets between two sets of ducting.

A rubber glove was placed over the smoke detector, preventing potential smoke in the event of a fire from activating the audible fire alarm. The incident was reported to senior management with a Close Call being raised. The glove was then removed, when safe to do so, to retain the full working order of the fire system and safety of the occupants.

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File name : Safety-Bulletin-NRB23-08-Tampering-of-Automatic-Fire-Detection-System.pdf

B271 NRB23-08 Safety Bulletin

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