B273 NSAR Update For Trainers/Assessors


Dear Provider/Trainer, Assessor,

Further to the notification issued on 18/07/2023, NSAR would like to request that all Training Providers, Trainers & Assessors check and update their SkillsBackBone accounts to make sure they have correct & up-to-date contact information and accounts are not ‘locked’ or passwords forgotten. A Training Provider account should align to the contact information listed in your Sentinel Training Provider account.

SkillsBackBone is the platform with which NSAR communicate Safety Critical Training Policy, it is therefore vital that all trainers and assessors can be contacted via the email address they have registered with SkillsBackBone.

NSAR’s compliance team are frequently told that trainers/assessors have not complied with the latest policy because they had not read or received various NSAR Briefing’s or Training Communications that NSAR send on behalf of Network Rail.

As of 14th August 2023, establishing up to date contact information will form part of NSAR’s Compliance Inspection visits. To ensure that your compliance grade is not adversely affected, please can you use the intervening time to check that all trainer’s & assessors can access their SkillsBackBone account and confirm that they have a valid and current email address associated with their SkillsBackBone log-in.

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.



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