B282 Network Rail Safety Advice NRA23-13



Enerpac Stressing Equipment incident
Issued to: All Network Rail Line Mangers, Safety Professionals and accredited contractors.
Ref: NRA23-13
Date of issue: 18/10/2023
Location: National
Contact: Richard Gibson, Principal Engineer, Technical Authority



On Saturday 16th September 2023, the locating bracket on an Enerpac stressing kit snapped whilst the team were carrying out a stressing job. The stressing kit was correctly installed, but when the team pulled the rail the bracket started to crush and snapped.

The team removed the stressing kit and used another kit without incident.

The stressing job was around a curve with a radius of 805m and needed to be stressed over 23 chain. The equipment has now been faulted and placed in the quarantine cabin. An investigation has been initiated into the damage to identify any failure modes. Pending the outcome of this investigation, the advice below should be followed.


B282 NWR Safety Advice NRA23-13

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