B284 December 2023 Rulebook Update

Training Communication

December 2023 Rulebook Updates and Course Enhancements


What is changing?

The Rule Book is a vital safety document that contains direct instructions for railway employees. The content of the Rule Book is managed on industry’s behalf by RSSB, who are responsible for its maintenance, design, and publication.

RSSB have identified Rulebook updates to Handbook 10 and Handbook 13 for December 2023 that have affected Track Safety training.

Alongside this, Network Rail have worked collaboratively with our industry partners NSAR and Subject Matter Experts to make additional enhancements to Track Safety Training and Assessment materials based upon received feedback. The enhancements for each course are detailed below. The versions of all the courses below have been re-versioned.

Updates will be available for review on Monday 20th November 2023, to go live on Monday 4th December 2023.


File name : Comms-RSSB-Rulebook-Update-Dec-2023.pdf

B284 December 2023 Rulebook Updates

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