B292 RSSB Issue 39.1 December 2023

Rail Safety and Standards Board December 2023

File name : GERT8000-RBBL-Iss-39-1-1.pdf


The following modules and handbooks have been re-issued and come into force 02 December 2023.

Handbook 10 Duties of the COSS or SWL and person in charge when using a hand trolley

Handbook 13 Duties of the Person in charge of the siding possession (PICOS) 

Handbook 19 Work on signalling equipment - duties of the signalling technician 

Module M1 Dealing with a train accident or train evacuation
Module M2 Train stopped by train failure
Module OTM Working of on-track machines (OTM)
Module S5 Passing a signal at danger or an end of authority (EoA) without a movement authority (MA)
Module S7 Observing and obeying signalling indications. Train warning systems.
Reporting signalling failures and irregularities
Module SS1 Station duties and train dispatch
Module SS2 Shunting
Module TS1 General signalling regulations
Module TS2 Track circuit block regulations
Module TS11 Failure of, or work on, signalling equipment - signallers' regulations
Module TW1 Preparation and movement of trains
Module TW4 Preparation and working of freight trains
Module TW5 Preparation and movement of trains: Defective or isolated vehicles and on-train equipment
The following documents will be withdrawn on 02 December 2023
Handbook 20 General duties of a safe work leader (SWL) working outside a possession
Handbook 21 Safe work leader (SWL) blocking a line

All updated documents are available via the Pendersons App or Google Drive


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