B310 Network Rail Safety Advice NRA24-05 Geofencing

Issued to: Network Rail line managers, safety professionals and accredited contractors
Ref: NRA24-05
Date of issue: 04/03/2024
Location: National
Contact: Dave Allen, Programme Manager, Technical Authority


Product Acceptance (PA) certificates PA05/07419 Tended, PA05/07400 Geo-Trak (Track Tracker) and PA05/07418 OnWave have been limited to safeguarded areas of work. These are fully restricted from being used as ALO warning devices.

In January 2024, the Technical Authority undertook independent equipment trials at our Milton Keynes offices to validate the system capabilities in terms of accuracy and alerting.

The trials highlighted several issues subject to further review:

  • Geo-fence area within the system not
    aligned with intended physical boundary.
  • Response times for alarms could mean that
    alarms are not triggered consistently for
    users based on movement relative to the
  • Different responses from different
    hardware/software version of equipment.
  • Process to identify if the configuration of
    the systems remains aligned to the PA
  • Inconsistency between system
    dashboards and physical locations.
  • Human Factors analysis associated with
    the differing alarms/warning associated
    with different suppliers’ equipment.
    NOTE: Issues identified above are general, each supplier have at least one of the issues listed above


B310 NWR Safety Advice NRA24-05

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