B314 Track Work Information Sheets Updated NR/GN/TRK/7001/TWI2S052 & NR/GN/TRK/7001/TWI2S055

March 2024 - Network Rail Standards Issue 131

From the update we have received notification that the below two track work information sheets have been updated. Due to you having the competency - Operations Response (AOD (PO)) Auxiliary Operating duties Points Operator we have sent this information for you to review.


Should you have any questions regarding the changes, then please leave them below within the comments section and I will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

Track Work Information Sheet 2S055 
How to fit the Progress Rail Universal Lockable Scotch Assembly to secure switches out of use

File name : NRGNTRK7001TWI2S055.pdf


Track Work Information Sheet 2S052
How to secure points out of use – selecting and fitting the correct types of clip and scotch

File name : NRGNTRK7001TWI2S052.pdf

B314 NWR Standards Issue 131 NR/GN/TRK/7001/TWI2S052 & NR/GN/TRK/7001/TWI2S055 Update

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