B321 Network Rail Shared Learning NRL24-03

Welding Garments Information

Issued to: Network Rail line managers, safety professionals and accredited contractors
Ref: NRL24-03
Date of issue: 08/04/2024
Location: National
Contact: PPE Governance Mailbox


Overview / Underlying causes

Following examination of some NR supplied welding and grinding PPE garments it was found
they did not meet the approved specifications for NR staff conducting these activities. Investigations found that some garments were marked ARC Flash PPE and being used for welding activities.
PPE Garments with ARC Flash Labels are for Distribution & Power Plant Staff and other staff who access traction and HV non-traction locations according to the task. These Garment do not provide the full Levels of Protection for all
those undertaking Welding & Grinding Activities. The PPE Governance Panel has agreed some interim steps for short term supply of necessary Welders and Grinders garments.
The following are currently the PPE products that must be procured for use:
• NWR001W - Hi Vis Welding Protection Flame Retardant Waterproof Windproof breathable jacket.
• NWR002W - Hi Vis Welding Protection Flame Retardant Waterproof Windproof breathable trouser.
• Product ID XXXXX: Coverall; TBC: as soon as one becomes available. Stocks are being checked and delivery times will be notified asap.

Investigations identified that incorrect PPE for welding/grinding had been mistakenly ordered through the Punchout system and staff had received ARC Flash Protective Garments not welding specific.
Arc Flash garments must be worn by staff accessing traction and HV non-traction locations in line with the requirements of
These activities are not the same as arc welding and the clothing does not provide protection from welding such as molten splashes and hot works.
Investigations also found non-compliant PPE have been purchased outside of the Company Governance process i.e. local PPE supplier, potentially due to the short-term delays / difficulties in receiving garments through the PPE ordering system. However, this is not the correct procurement process and had resulted in substandard PPE garments being provided.


Key Message

• All Staff in the Welding and Grinding community must order and purchase garments that are approved for use for NR Staff by the PPE Governance Panel. Use the C&P Punchout system when ordering.
• Only approved PPE obtained through the NR Procurement System will conform to all the specifications, and sub-categories, required for the different types of Welding carried out within Network Rail.

• PPE that has not been approved by the PPE Governance panel may not meet all the specifications required and could cause harm to the wearer.

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B321 NWR NRL24-03 Welding Garments Information

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