B322 Network Rail Safety Advice NRA24-07

Stressing Equipment Failure - Enerpac RP70AE100

Issued to: Network Rail line managers, safety professionals and accredited contractors
Ref: NRA24-07
Date of issue: 17/04/2024
Location: Stanton Gate on the Erewash Valley line between Trent East and Langley Mill
Contact: Simon Morgan, Head of Corporate Safety, TA



On Wednesday 3rd April 2024, Network Rail staff were replacing a section of rail which involved carrying out a stress restoration at Stanton Gate on the Erewash Valley line.

During the activity a retaining bolt sheared off on the Enerpac RP70AE100 stressing kit and a member of the welding team staff was struck by an extension strip of the kit, causing minor injuries.

An investigation is being undertaken to establish the root cause. Pending the outcome of the investigation all Managers shall brief the reminders below to the stressing teams.

Immediate action required

• RP70AE100 equipment cannot be used on curves of radius less than 250m
• Inspect the locating brackets on the Enerpac stressing equipment.
• Checking that the equipment's inspection tag is in date.
• Check that the equipment is set up and used in accordance with the manufacturer’s operating instructions.
• All staff MUST be competent and hold the familiarisation training specific for the equipment.
• A minimum 20m Exclusion zone for others not involved in the activity must be established and supervised.
• Where available the Remote Pendant must be used and the operator located a minimum of 3m away.
• Where a Remote Pendant isn’t available, the equipment operator must be positioned a minimum of 3m away.
• Halt pulling operations when inspecting the welding gaps.

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B322 NWR Safety Advice NRA24-07

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