B324 On-Call Reminder

Following on from a recent close call/breach, we have updated our current processes to provide a more robust on-call plan.

Moving forward please ensure that we are using the new tier system should any personal changes be required while on-call ensuring that you the on-call manager are contacting the resourcing manager for authorisation.

Should the resourcing manager be on-call then you have prior authorisation from the directors to make the changes that are required. Subject to the changes adhering to (NR/L2/OHS/003)

  • A new tablet has been purchased to ensure that the on-call manager has access to the Gather Fatigue Management System

  • Tier system should any changes be requires - Resourcing manager to manage this

  • A reminder has been sent to all safety critical staff to be checking the Gather system prior to any shifts taking place, also a reminder of the sentinel scheme rules surrounding fatigue. Our working hours policy is provided below

File name : POL06-Working-Hours-Network-Rail-Policy.docx-6-1.pdf


Should you have any questions regarding the information provided then please contact myself.

Thank You

B324 on call update

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