B325 Sentinel Scheme Rules – Fatigue Management

Your safety is key and we as your primary sponsor like to keep you safe at work. 

One of the many things we manage on your behalf is fatigue, this is managed within our fatigue management system Gather. I know that you are all aware of the system we use and keep this up to date with live shift information. 

I would like to remind you of how import it is, that we gather the correct information. So that we can make informed decisions regarding your safety at work. 

Can you please contact me directly if you are having any issues with your Gather App so I can get this resolved promptly. 



I have provided a copy of our working hours policy which is in line with the Network Rail Standard (NR/L2/OHS/003). It is imperative that we are ensuring that your working hours are in line with this standard. 

File name : POL06-Working-Hours-Network-Rail-Policy.docx-6-1.pdf


B325 Sentinel Scheme Rules / Fatigue

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