B328 Network Rail Safety Bulletin NRB24-06

Temporary road rail access panels (RRAP) left on an open line

Issued to: Network Rail line managers, safety professionals and accredited contractors
Ref: NRB24-06
Date of issue: 16/05/2024
Location: Kings Langley, West Coast South route
Contact: Karn Khanna, Head of HSE



On the 25th of April 2024, the first Avanti West Coast service travelling at line speed on the Up Fast line through Kings Langley struck a piece of temporary RRAP which had been left in the four foot following emergency OHL repairs during the night. A second train travelling on the adjacent line (Down Fast line) also suffered a cracked windscreen from the impact of the temporary RRAP. There was no one injured, however if there were people on platform it would have caused serious injury or a worst case fatality. This led to significant disruption / cancellations on the West Coast South route.

The emergency work was completed, and the COSS handed back the site of work to ES at 03.09, declaring the line safe for the passage of trains. The ES handed back the worksite to PICOP at 05.06. Shortly after the possession was given up, 1R00 struck the piece of RRAP.


Initial investigation found that site lighting was not adequate and a reliance was on head torches.
There was no system in place to count out and count in the RRAP pieces (approximately 20 pieces in this instance). Although the PIC stated they were not fatigued, they had a busy day before coming into work at night.
Similar incidents have happened recently in other routes, see Safety advice Ref: NRA23-14 and NRB24-01.


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B328 NWR Safety Bulletin NRB24-06

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