Industry Common Induction (ICI) ** Update **

ICI Communication

ICI Communication

Industry Common Induction (ICI)

Monday, 17 May 2021


    Training Solutions are today Monday 17th May 2021, issuing an update in relation to the Industry Common Induction (ICI) e-learning.

    In January 2019, it was announced that Network Rail would be reviewing the effectiveness of ICI due to the competences starting to expire in February 2019 and some feedback about its impact.

    While the review took place, the competences held were extended by one year.

    Given the feedback about effectiveness and coincidental with changes in the structure of Network Rail (NR), we have decided to no longer mandate ICI and to withdraw it as a competence in Network Rail.

    Training solutions can now confirm the following:

    NR employees:

  • ICI E-learning will now be withdrawn as a competence in Network Rail and the course offering has now been removed for NR employees
  • If you are required to work with TFL, then please complete the TFL learning. This can be requested through to access and book the learning interventions.
  • DLR and London Overground

    DLR and London Overground please continue to complete the Network Rail ICI e-learning.


    Please complete your own organisations learning which can be requested through

    Please note: Training Solutions will not be providing a refund for NR or Industry delegates who have already enrolled on the course but are no longer required to complete it; a seat transfer to another course will be offered instead, via the help desk.

    Thank you.


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