NRL22-06 Shared Learning

NRL22-06 Depot Fire - Shared Learning

Issued to: All Network Rail line managers, safety professionals and accredited contractors
Ref: NRL22-06
Date of issue: 13/12/2022
Location: Bridge Street Depot, Northampton

Depot Fire

On the evening of Tuesday 28th June 2022 a fire
broke out at the Northampton Maintenance
Delivery Unit Stores building. It quickly grew and
destroyed the building. The building was not
occupied and there were no injuries. The fire
destroyed the building which has now been
It was initially reported that the cause of the fire
was from the charging of Lithium Ion Batteries
(LIBs) on unsuitable shelves. Following initial
evidence gathered by the investigation team, the
Ledlenser iFR8 lamp was temporarily quarantined.

During the investigation the exact source of the
fire could not be identified with
certainty. However, it was likely that the cause
was from either the charging station sockets, the
building wiring or the charging cable.


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NRL22-06 Shared Learning

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