Safety Critical Communications

Safety Critical Communications

Safety Brief - Safety Critical Communications (SCC)

Safety Brief - Safety Critical Communications (SCC)

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    Safety Critical Communications


    Why Repeating Back in Safety Critical Communications is important

    Purpose of the Brief:

    This has this been chosen as a Safety Brief topic as too many incidents happen that has safety critical communications as a major or contributory factor.

    Not using an accurate repeat back can lead to the misunderstanding of the message being passed between the parties involved in the safety critical communication.

    This safety brief focuses on discussing the need to improve how we need repeat back in safety critical communications.

    Discussion points:

  • Question? Why do you think there is a requirement to have a repeat back in a Safety Critical Communication?
  • Answer: The repeat back confirms the parties in the SCC understand the message that has been passed. In addition it can be that they agree on the next steps to be taken if required.
  • The SCC also needs to be:

  • Accurate
  • Brief
  • Clear
  • Professional
  • What key skills do you think are required when on the receiving a SCC?

    Active listening:

  • Think about what is being said, how does it affect you and others
  • What can you do to help this process? Ideally choose a location that is quiet enough to hear what is being said. Not always possible we all know.
  • You could try and picture in your mind what is being said or write down some notes, if practical to do so.
  • Most Importantly if you are unsure or can’t understand – Ask to Repeat until you are satisfied that you both fully understand the SCC.

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