Shared Learning NRL22-05

Use of trolleys on the line BRL22-05

Issued to: Network Rail line managers, safety professionals and accredited contractors
Ref: NRL22-05
Date of issue: 30/11/2022
Location: Challow & Twickenham
Contact: Paul Ashton & Richard Weatherstone, Operations, System Operator



Key message
• All trolleys used on the line should be
fitted with working red lights, these lights
shall be maintained and used whenever a
trolley or other similar equipment is used
on the line.
• GERT8000 Handbook 10 is in the process
on being amended to remove the option
of using a red flag on trolleys.

• The Line Clear Verification process
shall be used in axle counter areas and
should be considered for use in areas
with different methods of train

NRL22-05 Shared Learning

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