T0003 Accident Prevention in the office

             Accident Prevention


I would like us as a business to be aware of the causes of most accidents and reflect on what we can do to be safer. Please let me know if you have any questions or queries on things that we can improve.

Causes of accidents

1  People not thinking about what they are doing.
2  People not following instructions.
3  People not following training they’ve been given.
4  Unsafe manual handling, loading, stacking and storing
5  Overloading of working places, scaffolding and hoists etc.
6  Incorrect use of plant and machinery.
7  Use of faulty equipment with improvised repairs.
8  Illegal removal of guards and barriers.
9  Failure to use protective safety equipment.
10  Ignoring safety signals, signs and warning devices.

If you spot something, that you feel is unsafe or could be improved  - Please make us aware, have the chat.

We all want a safe, happy work space.

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T0003 Accident Prevention 14/04/2023

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