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As we get closer to the festive period, its important to know your alcohol limits.

Tips & Advice

Some tips for managing your drinking:

  • eat before or while drinking and avoid salty snacks, which make you thirsty
  • be assertive – don’t be pressured into drinking more than you want to
  • know your limits and stick to them
  • stay busy, don’t just sit and drink 
  • try not to confuse large measures of alcohol with standard measures (for example, a glass of wine served at a party or at home may be much larger than the standard 125ml)
  • keep track of your drinks and don’t let people top up your drink until it’s finished
  • try alternating alcoholic drinks with water or other non-alcoholic drinks
  • add plenty of mixer to your drinks to make them last longer
  • avoid rounds, ‘shouts’ and kitties – drink at your own pace, not someone else’s
  • drink slowly – take sips, not gulps
  • don’t mix alcohol with any other drugs, including prescription medication

If you think you have a problem with drugs or alcohol help is
available. We’d rather see you clean and sober than unemployed.
Talk to your supervisor





Please review our Alcohol & Drug policy – If you have any questions please leave them within the comments section.


Know your alcohol limits during the festive season | nidirect

Find drug and alcohol support near you | FRANK (talktofrank.com)

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