T0020 Personal Protection Equipment

Person Protective Equipment (PPE)

This talk will cover: the measures necessary to ensure that the use of PPE is effective.


What is PPE?

1. PPE is equipment or clothing worn to protect the user from known hazards in the workplace.
2. In construction, the commonly worn items of PPE are safety helmets and safety footwear.
3. Other examples of PPE are respirators, safety harnesses, ear-plugs, safety goggles, protective gloves and
some clothing.

File name : TT36_Personal_Protective_Equipment-2.pdf


Please ensure you are wearing your PPE at all times throughout shift, we have been notified by our customers that staff have had to be reminded regarding their PPE. This is unacceptable as this is provided.

Should you require any PPE please contact your line manager.

T0020 PPE

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