T0021 Health On-site & CPR Training

Health on Site

Overview This talk will cover: types of health issues affecting construction workers and the preventative measures.


How’s your health?

1 Contact with some hazardous substances can result in a severe form of dermatitis which could result in sufferers having to give up their trade.

2 If you have asked the presenter of this talk to speak up, you may be suffering from work-induced hearing loss.

3 How’s your suntan? The short-term effects are sunburn and blisters. There are 40,000 new cases of skin cancer each year resulting from too much sun.

4 What about your weight? Try to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet.

5 All dust is hazardous to health, some types more so than others. Take particular care with silica and hardwood dusts, which can cause long-term health problems including cancer.

6 Fumes from solvents and paints can cause headaches and make you feel sick, breathless or light-headed. Your concentration and safety will be affected.

7 Breathing in welding fumes can bring on an illness with flu-like symptoms.

8 Do your working hours or working conditions leave you feeling stressed? Effects such as anxiety, poor decision making and loss of concentration will adversely affect your safety and maybe that of others.

British Heart Foundation have a shift 15 minute course on how to perform CPR, I have completed the course and I found it beneficial.

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T0021 Health On-site

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