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Toolbox Talk Welfare, Safety & Drugs & Alcohol

Alcohol and Drugs

Overview: This talk will cover: the effects of alcohol and drugs on your safety and others

Working under the influence of alcohol is strictly prohibited. This also means more than just notdrinking whilst at work. Tests have shown that alcohol can still have an effect on your body over 18 hours after you have stopped drinking.
Alcohol is a sedative. Drinking any quantity of alcohol impairs a person’s judgment, thinking
ability, and coordination to some degree. Some people can ‘handle’ alcohol better than others,
but it is a fact that any alcohol consumed has some effect.
After drinking, you are no longer in a position to assess your own capabilities. You don’t have
to be drunk to have sustained some impairment. If you cannot make it through the day without
a drink, you could have a serious problem and should seek professional help.


Prescribed Drugs

The most common side effect of over-the-counter cold and flu medicine is drowsiness, which
reduces a person’s level of alertness and increases reaction time. Tens of thousands of vehicle
accidents are attributed to sleepiness every year.
Taking medication, and then coming to work and using machinery or sharp tools, can be
dangerous. In many cases, we do not want you to show up for work when you have a bad cold
or the flu. Not only does your risk of injury increase when medication causes you to be drowsy,
your productivity is likely to be poor as well. In addition, you may pass on a virus to co-workers
so that they too become ill. Finally, your own recovery may be delayed if you are not getting
enough rest to fight the ailment. However, sometimes you must come to work and you need to
take medication. If this is the case, remember the following:
  • Let your supervisor know.
  •  Follow the recommended dosages.
  •  Do not mix medications.
  • Read the label.
  • Do not try new remedies during work hours.
  • Wash your hands often.
In the event that you or someone you are aware of require help, please speak to your supervisor.

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TT Drug & Alcohol 17/01/2023

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