Trainers Notification Re Lookouts

Trainers Notification - Lookouts

Trainers Update - 21/05/21

Trainers Update - 21/05/21

A new Notification Has been published on the Skillsbackbone as Follows:

UPDATE: Lookout Pre-course e-learning To: All Providers & Trainers

Training Solutions are yesterday 20th May 2021, issuing an update in relation to the Lookout pre-course e-learning (Lookout – Be safe be aware).

After consultation with Network Rail Technical Authority, it has been decided that the Lookout pre-course e-learning, will now be deactivated for Network Rail and the Industry on the Moodle platform, as there is no longer a requirement for it.

There will be no other Lookout pre-course offering activated in its place, at this time.

Please note: Training Solutions will not be providing a refund for NR or Industry delegates who have already enrolled on the course but are no longer required to complete it.

This course is no longer available, If you have purchased this seat licence between 01/05/21 and 21/05/21 we are able to transfer your seat to another course. Please contact our helpdesk to authorise this.

Thank you.
Training Solutions

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