On Call Report

Date Name Region Report
17/05/2021 Steve Cresswell Scotland

Nothing to report

17/05/2021 Ryan Barnes England

Sadly we had a no-show this weekend for Quattro, Karl Forshaw refused to go into work because it was to far, apparently he was told it was Nottingham not Grimsby.

My argument with Karl was he got sent his details on Thursday and only mentioned this on Sat at 18:30 which is unacceptable.

I then sent our Standby who was Gary O’Connor but is Van broke down so tried several other solutions to cover it.

Mark Stubbs said he would help us out and take on two Machines so the job can carry on. I reported all information to Stacy at Quattro oncall and let site know and relevant people know.

Apart from that no other call received during the night.

I have all timelines incase of any issues.

09/01/2024 Dannielle England